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13 September 2011 @ 03:39 pm
So Far Away 1/1 - Drarry - R  
Well, this is the long awaited sequel to “I Want to Love You”, and I do mean long awaited lol. Please enjoy… And I found my notes for “Through the Looking Glass”, well, half of them. It fell out of the library book, and mum put it in one of my note books and never mentioned it, sigh.

* * *

“So Far Away”

Disclaimer: Eh, as much as I hated the ending to the 7th book, I am pleased to announce it all belongs to JK, but please god, if she writes another book… let her kill off any Ginny-esque characters!
Summary: [DM/HP] When Ginny dies Harry is forced to take in her daughter. Sadly, Lily is also the daughter he never managed to love. Sequel to “I Want To Love You”.
Warnings: Song-fic. Slash. Mpreg. AU. Past H/G: mostly D/H. Angst. Mentions of HET. Character death. POV.
Rating: R SLASH!!
A/N: The song is by Staind and it’s called “So Far Away”. It’s the sequel to “I WANT TO LOVE YOU”, since so many people wanted Harry and Lily to have some sort of relationship. I am posting it as a separate one-shot, and following the trend of writing from the character’s point of view.


Words: 3,917
Chapter 1
So Far Away